Science Museum Special Offer for September Events

In celebration of their upcoming exhibition The Sun: Living with Our Star, opening 6 October 2018, the team at the Science Museum are offering a 40% discount on September bookings for drinks receptions and dinners exclusively in Wonderlab.

Please see below to find out more about this amazing offer! To enquire about hiring the Science Museum for your next event please contact us today at…

The offer is available to redeem on any night, hire timings are from 7.00pm – 11.30pm.


No.11 Host Mindfulness Morning Showcase


On Friday 6th July, No.11 Cavendish Square hosted a Mindfulness Morning in partnership with Square Meal. The event was organised in order to bring industry professionals together to showcase the versatility of the London venue while treating guests to a healthy and relaxing morning.


Food by Dish are the sole caterer at this beautiful venue, so we were delighted to provide a healthy, tasty selection of treats on food stations for guests to enjoy and get their days off to a good start!


The menu for the morning included orange, almond and polenta gluten free cake, build-your-own breakfast bowl with a choice of Greek or soya yoghurt, homemade maple and pecan granola, and avocado, boiled hens egg, radish and peashoot on rye along with a selection of exotic teas and refreshing smoothies.

Following refreshments on arrival, guests were given a particularly special treat as Harriet Emily, an accomplished Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Sound Healing Therapist, provided a sound bath session. For those who are unfamiliar with the sound bath concept, the sound bath involved Harriet using a gong and other instruments to create soothing sounds that resonate through guests and help them to relax during meditation. The 25 attendees sat in the Orangery, eyes closed, soaking in the relaxing sounds of the gong for 40 minutes of meditation led by Harriet.


Feeling truly replenished, guests were then given guided tours of No.11, before leaving via the Courtyard, where the replenished food stations provided yet more refreshments.


The event was a wonderful effort created by No.11 Cavendish Square and Square Meal and provided a magnificent opportunity to showcase the many uses of the Orangery and Courtyard to events professionals.


To find out more about No.11 or to arrange a viewing of the venue, contact the team today at


6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Caterer


You have picked a date, and secured the venue of your dreams. In wedding planning terms – now it’s time to get down to business.


With food and drink playing such a central role in every wedding, of all of the remaining suppliers you will need to bring together, the caterer is probably the most important. To make sure you are equipped to make the best decision possible, we’ve given some tips for what you need to take into consideration during your search…


Track Record

You can often gather a reasonable idea of a catering company’s work and experience through their marketing channels such as their website and social media presence. However this is not always the case. When you are enquiring with a caterer, feel free to ask them about their experience working with weddings, and you could always ask if they have any testimonials or case studies they’d be happy to share. Event caterers provide services for a diverse mix of clients including efficient corporate events, sprawling trade shows, and small, intimate parties. Choosing a caterer that understands the needs of a wedding client will make the planning process and end result much more satisfying.



It is helpful (but not essential) to choose a caterer that has experience working at or near your wedding venue of choice. This simply ensures that the caterer’s access to the venue is seamless and there can be fewer logistical hiccups. There could also be the added benefit that the caterer may have a relationship with the team managing the venue at your wedding, again increasing the chances of everything running smoothly. 


Furniture and equipment

Choosing a caterer who provides any necessary linen, furniture and dining equipment will save you a lot of time in the planning process leading up to the big day, and dramatically reduces the chance of a breakdown in communication between suppliers. Furniture is sometimes provided by the venue, so make sure you know what is needed so the caterer can provide you with the most accurate proposal possible.


Like furniture and equipment, staff to work at your wedding such as management, bar and waiting staff will usually be managed and provided by your caterer. Staffing will account for a considerable portion of the amount you will pay for your wedding catering. An experienced caterer will have the knowledge and systems in place to guide you on exactly how many staff members will be needed for your big day to run smoothly, and will give you a clear indication on the relevant costs early on in the enquiry process.


The Quote

As you can see above, a caterer does much more than cook a hot meal for your guests! By sourcing and delivering linen, equipment, furniture and supplying and managing the right amount of staff, the quotes you receive from caterers may vary. The important thing to look out for is that the quote is broken down into those separate elements to explain clearly what each service costs.



We’ve saved the most important part to last! It goes without saying that this is your big day, and you should have exactly what makes you happy. A top wedding caterer will listen to you, understand your vision, then will propose the best ways to make this dream a reality. Wedding catering has evolved from the traditional three course meal, with creative options such as sharing platters, food stations and added late night snacks growing in popularity for brides and grooms looking to give their wedding a unique or laid-back spin. If you are stuck for ideas, why not ask your caterer for inspiration drawing from great weddings they have worked on before?


At Food by Dish we pride ourselves on offering a highly bespoke, “one-stop shop” wedding catering service that works closely to the needs of every client. To find out more about the fabulous weddings we have catered in the past or to make an enquiry, please contact us today at