Meet our Chefs

Working from our Greenwich headquarters or based at our partner venues, our executive chefs and their teams draw on experience from all over the world and have received high levels of training. Below, you can get to know some of our talented senior chefs, where they talk about their careers and the types of cuisine they may specialise in! 

Magnus Karlsson

Head chef

Head Chef here at Dish, Magnus is responsible for menu writing, ordering, staffing, and running the actual events.

Magnus has a degree in Nutrition and attended Culinary school in Sweden before working in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, and Paris.

A chef that enjoys the big dinners for numbers around the 800 guest mark, Magnus likes our food to try and follow the seasons, ensuring the quality of food is at it’s best while perfectly matching the theme and timing of an event. 

Paulo Ferreira

Head Chef

Paulo co-ordinates and directs kitchen operations including menus, production, service and distribution, ensuring food produced is of the required standard and is delivered at the time requested.

Paulo is from Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, which is famous for its Carnival and mix of cultures including African, Portuguese and Indian. This means he has always brought a variety of cultural influences to his cooking and doesn’t ever shy away from adding new flavours and cooking dishes from all over the world. His experience as head chef in other locations means he knows exactly what is required to run a successful kitchen!

Umberto Valente

Sous Chef

Sous Chef here at FoodbyDish, Umberto is Magnus’s right hand man and leads all our client tastings.
Umberto grew up in Sicily and upon moving to London worked at the one Michelin starred Club Gascon which developed his love of French cuisine.
Umberto’s enjoys the hustle of larger events, but his favourite kind of events to work on are intimate dinner where he can spend the time with the client to develop bespoke menus.

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